Gubernatorial Candidate’s Glenside Visit and Climate Change Question Goes Viral

On July 18th Scott Wagner, the Republican candidate for Pennsylvania governor held a town hall meeting at Glenside Hall in Glenside. During the question portion of the event an 18 year-old woman named Rose asked a question about his stance on climate change. She asked if his position on the fact that  “body heat” causes climate change was influenced by the $200,000 that you have taken from the fossil fuel industry?”

Wagner then called the woman “young and naive”and earned applause from his crowd of supporters, but he did not answer the question.

In March Wagner he told a reporter last March that”I haven’t been in a science class in a long time, but the earth moves closer to the sun every year–you know, the rotation of the earth,” Wagner told WITF State Impact Pennsylvania reporter Katie Meyer. We have more people. You know, humans have warm bodies. So is heat coming off?” Wagner said. “Things are changing, but I think we are, as a society, doing the best we can.”He also maintained in the interview that the United States shouldn’t worry too much about emissions.

Rose was later identified as Rose Strauss, a  volunteer with Sunrise Movement, an advocacy group with a mission to stop climate change. See the Twitter post and video posted by Sunrise Movement.

This interaction between Senator Scott Wagner a Republican gubernatorial candidate and the climate change activist has gone viral on social media.