Greenwood Ave Bridge Project Prompts Township to Re-time Traffic Lights

Traffic Light Modifications Go Into Effect Tomorrow to Alleviate Traffic Congestion from Greenwood Avenue Bridge Closing 

As expected, PennDOT’s closure of the bridge over a branch of Rock Creek on Greenwood Avenue has made a major impact to traffic flow. The Waze app regularly shows stopped traffic at the intersection of Church and Greenwood.

Screenshot taken this morning.

In order to move traffic more efficiently, Cheltenham Township will modify the timing of the traffic lights at that intersection.

The changes detailed below are scheduled to be implemented by PennDOT today.  PennDOT will then monitor the resultant traffic impacts and adjust the revised settings as warranted.

Church Road and Greenwood Avenue

  • Remove the split phase timing on Church Road (eliminate the delayed green for Church Road eastbound traffic).
  • Cover the left-turn arrow signal for Church Road westbound traffic.
  • Increase the allotted green time for through traffic on Church Road.

Church Road and Rices Mill Road

  • Increase the allotted green time for through traffic on Church Road.Church Road and Limekiln Pike
  • Increase the dedicated left-turn green time for westbound Church Road traffic turning onto southbound Limekiln Pike.

The Greenwood Avenue Bridge crosses over a branch of Rock Creek is a single-span stone masonry arch structure, and was built in 1908. The Greenwood Avenue Bridge is one of seven bridges in Philadelphia, Delaware and Montgomery counties that Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is repairing under a $7,220,000 bridge improvement project. 

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