Grant Made To Association for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

The “Association for Adults with Developmental Disabilities (AADD) [received a] $20,000 grant to provide education and social learning activities to adults with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Intellectual Disability and other developmental disabilities,” according to a statement from the non-profit organization.

The $20,000 grant was received from the Eleanor M. Mathers Fund, William J. McCahan 3rd Fund in Memory of Thomas C. McCahan and Florence M. McCahan, and the William C. Schmid and Emma Schmid nee Rentschler Memorial Fund of The Philadelphia Foundation to support the Social Services for Greater Independence Program.



This non-profit organization is located at Suite 530 at 261 Old York Road in Jenkintown.

“We are thrilled that our partnership with The Philadelphia Foundation will allow us to expand our programs and reach more people in the region,” said Mr. Larry Rubin, Chief Executive Officer of AADD.  “The funds would be used for education, social learning activities and other general program support.”

According to the statement from the non-profit organization, “AADD was started by five families in Montgomery County in 1973.  Today, AADD…serves over 160 adults with a developmental disability and their families throughout Greater Philadelphia.”


The photograph and the logo of Association for Adults with Developmental Disabilities are provided as a courtesy by that non-profit organization.