Governor Shapiro signs 12 new bills into law

Governor Josh Shapiro recently signed 12 new bills into Pennsylvania law.

On Monday, July 1, Shapiro signed HB 73HB 797HB 1490HB 1754HB 1760, and SB 1084. On June 28, Shapiro signed HB 109HB 1333HB 1818SB 403SB 824, and SB 887.

House Bill 73 encourages PennDOT to create a registration plate for veterans so that they may display their service on their vehicles.

House Bill 797 requires PennDOT to plant native vegetation and develop a list of native vegetation species that can be used in roadside work.  

House Bill 1333 amends the Stuffed Toy Manufacturing Act to allow for the use of recycled material.

Senate Bill 824 provides access to free credit reports and monitoring in the event of a data breach.

House Bill 1818 allows storage facility owners to publish information from a newspaper advertisement on a publicly accessible website.

Senate Bill 1084 updates the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) to provide clear and uniform rules to govern digital asset transactions.

House Bill 1490 provides title protection for licensed acupuncturists and practitioners.

Senate Bill 403 removes barriers to becoming a licensed professional engineer.

House Bill 1754 addresses the lack of awareness among providers and patients regarding the use of biomarker testing.

House Bill 1760 bars elder abusers from benefiting from the estate of the abused elder, along with a few conditionals.

House Bill 109 prohibits cable television, cellular and other telecommunications companies, utility companies and Voice over Internet Protocol companies from charging early termination fees because the individual died before the contract was complete.

Senate Bill 887 exempts municipalities and counties from certain deposit and registration requirements for cemetery companies.

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