Good News, Glenside: Brewpubs Increase Home Values

With Glenside becoming a beer Mecca, residents there might welcome this bit of news. According to a study from researchers at the University of North Carolina and the University of Toledo, a craft brewery near your home increases its value!

The study reported in Growth and Change, a Journal of Urban and Regional Policy claims that if you own a home within a half mile of a brewpub, it may have increased in value by 10%.

Single-family homes saw their value increase by nearly 10 percent after a brewery opened within a half mile of the property, and center-city condos got a nearly 3-percent bump. Oddly enough, the report found no significant impact on commercial property, meaning homeowners were reaping all the benefits.

The study’s findings reported here at Food & Wine make for an interesting read, and will go great with a Belgian ale or perhaps a pint of Saison.