GoFundMe launched for LFUMC members’ mission trip to Brazil

A GoFundMe has been launched on behalf of Joanna and Todd Keim, longtime members of Lighthouse Fellowship United Methodist Church in Glenside, to help with expenses for a mission trip to Brazil.

From the description:

About 6 years ago we began volunteering with Shores Of Grace – Philadelphia to spread love and change the atmosphere in the Kensington section of Philadelphia. Since then, we have taken on the outreach at Hope Park in Kensington and developed a strong and loving connection with the community there. We, with the support of our church, community and several other UMC churches, take food, love, and other needs to the homeless and addicted in that park twice a month.

To help us grow in the ministry, we want to visit Recife Brazil where Shores of Grace was founded and currently has a thriving ministry. We are so excited to get to spend a week learning from them, loving others with them and growing closer to Jesus.

We are looking for support covering the expenses of the trip. These include the flight, food, and miscellaneous travel expenses. Any money that is received beyond what we need will go directly to the ministry.

We are so grateful for the opportunity we have had to spread love to others and we appreciate any support you can give us as we take this next step in faith and say “yes” to what we are being called to do. Thank you!

Todd and Joanna

To donate, you can click here. $1,505 has been raised at the time of this writing.

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Photos: GoFundMe