Glenside’s Halo Honey Wreaths: Customizable décor for any season, occasion, or event

Jamie Campagna of Glenside launched Halo Honey Wreath Co. in the spring of 2021, and her 2023 Spring and Summer Collection is now open to all local residents.

The company’s e-commerce services include handmade custom wreaths for any season, occasion, or event. Customers are able to choose from Halo Honey Wreath’s website, or conceptualize an idea with Jamie. Orders are typically shipped within 5-7 business days after completion.

“The most common request this time of year has been Spring wreaths. We have also been getting a few custom orders for weddings,” she said.

Jamie said the concept came to her in February 2020 while planning a baby shower for her sister.

“We wanted to make it extra special for her since it was going to be a drive-by baby shower dictated by Covid. Needless to say, we went overboard on decorating. I decided to make gold hoop wreaths that included my sister’s favorite flowers, colors, and overall theme. People saw the dainty décor and asked where I bought them. They were surprised to learn I had handmade them specifically for my sister’s shower. Then, I began getting custom requests,” Jamie said.

Her husband Bill, owner of Glenside Pizza, had a hand in the process as well.

“Bill suggested I start selling them. He said, ‘Jamie they’re too beautiful not to.’ Unbeknownst to me he started posting pictures of my wreaths on Facebook. Then, more orders along with positive comments started coming in which completely inspired me,” she said.

“With nothing to lose, I decided to create a business. From that point forward we worked on making this dream a reality. I immersed myself in watching every wreath-making tutorial I could find, attending online classes, and doing lots and lots of research. Soon thereafter, we became an LLC,” she said.

The company’s name has a family-oriented story. She chose “honey” because that’s what she and her family called her sisters baby girl in utero. “Halo” came from Jamie’s daughter, whose birth 12 years ago saved her life.

Going forward, Jamie hopes to create or get involved with a non-profit to serve families with loved ones in hospitals’ Intensive Care Units including the NICU.

“I love what I do. I can be in my craft room for hours on one project and it’s like time stands still.”

For more information or to place an order, visit