Glenside’s Enchanted Gift Gallery nears one-year anniversary

Elisha Hines opened Enchanted Gift Gallery in February. So far, so good.

“Things were great for our first Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and really every holiday. The summer was a little slow, but that was understandable,” she said. “Things have started picking back up. We’re making a lot of gift baskets for the holidays and all occasions, birthdays, holidays, game nights, new homes. You name it.”

The shop at 229 S. Easton Road carries a little bit of everything: Balloons, cards, women’s apparel, shirts, dresses, jackets, ponchos, socks, shoes, jewelry, candles, soaps, oils, fudge, popcorn, sweets, books, necklaces, earrings, baby items and baby apparel.

A Wyndmoor native, Elisha says her mother was the inspiration and motivation for opening the store.

“My mom is a seamstress, and after she retired, she started making dolls, pictures, cards, everything. She’s always done so well with the things she’s made, so I wanted to open up a gift shop. Her flower pots, cards, pictures, lanterns. If you come to the store, her lanterns are all in the windows. Some of her pictures are on the walls. Everything’s up for sale that’s mom’s made.”

Enchanted Gift Gallery is a family business. When Elisha isn’t physically present, her mother and nieces run the show.

“The township was kind and amazing when I was trying to open. It was challenging,” she said. “It’s not as easy as people think to open a shop and do ABC.”

With initial growing pains and permitting challenges behind her, Elisha is looking forward to a successful 2023.

“It’s a great area and great street that I’m on,” she said.

The shop’s hours have recently been adjusted. The new hours are Tuesday to Saturday, 11:00am to 4:00/5:00pm.

For more on Enchanted Gift Gallery, you can check out their Facebook and Instagram page @Enchantedgiftgallery2022.