Glenside welcomes Italian exchange student through the CIEE program

Giulia, an Italian high school exchange student, arrived in Glenside in January through the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) program.

Giulia will be staying with the Clewis family and is most excited to “meet new people, and participate in school sports.” Giulia attends Springfield Township High School and will stay until June.

The Clewis’ are a first-time host family with CIEE and are eager to have a new family member join their household this summer.

How Giulia came to Glenside:

Each year, international high school students representing more than 70 nationalities come to the U.S.
to experience American culture as part of CIEE’s High School Exchange program. Students attend local
high schools, live with American host families, and participate in extracurricular activities and athletics.
During their stay, students also give back to their host communities by participating in volunteer projects and community service activities.

Through the High School Exchange program, CIEE provides life-changing cultural exchange opportunities that help students, families, and schools gain new perspectives and develop lifelong relationships that cross borders and cultures.

Interested in hosting an international exchange student? Contact Stephanie Huynh, a CIEE Local
Coordinator, at or visit to learn more.

About the CIEE:

Founded in 1947, CIEE is the country’s oldest and largest nonprofit study abroad and intercultural
exchange organization, serving over 300 U.S. colleges and universities, 1,000 U.S. high schools, and more
than 35,000 international exchange students each year. CIEE operates 60 study centers in 40 countries,
sponsors international faculty training programs, teach abroad programs, and various specialty and
custom programs for secondary, post-secondary, and international students.

For more information, you can visit