Glenside Walkabout: Keswick Coffee House Brings the Buzz

Coffee shops have become a marker for rebounding neighborhoods. Explore any walkable area, and you will likely find at least one, and in the best walkable districts, you’ll find one owned and operated by a local.

Pam McCarthy, owner of the Keswick Coffee House.

It’s best to say that I rediscovered Keswick Coffee a couple of years ago after Pam McCarthy moved the business to its current location from the space currently occupied by Dino’s Backstage.

Thankfully, Keswick Coffee doesn’t boast the cold corporate polish of that other coffee juggernaught. For that you can thank Pam’s deep roots in the area and eclectic tastes which steep this cozy storefront in charm almost warm enough to keep that cup steaming. You relax like a family member here.

“I like to think we’ve created an extension of your own home,” Pam told me. “Our customers know who they’re supporting. We’re very much about being local, and I people come here because of that.”

The cafe serves up coffee from Philadelphia’s Green Street Roasters from South Philly. The beans arrive at Pam’s shop the day after roasting, and it the flavor proves it. I know anyone who drinks coffee considers themselves an expert, but I can say with some authority that the Ethiopian light roast rates among the smoothest and deepest brews I’ve ever tried. Pam usually has a darker roast on hand as well. Either way, true coffee lovers will find a happy home here.

The cafe provides a comfortable setting for easy conversation and relaxing.

Keswick Coffee also offers an array of baked goods, including pie-sized chocolate chip cookies, muffins, pastries, ice cream, smoothies, as well as gluten-free treats from High Point Bakery in Philadelphia.

Pam gives a lot of credit to her social media guy, Dave Weitz, for spreading the word about her efforts. Since Dave often keeps office hours at the cafe during the week and have to give him credit for bringing the cafe back to my attention. I’ve downed a few gallons of the brew and ate a few too many of the cookies since.

Keswick Coffee is located at 250 North Keswick Avenue, Glenside. Tel: (215) 884-2001. Of course, free wifi.