Glenside Walkabout: A Good Place at the Table

The Walkabout series began an effort to spotlight the small businesses that make our area unique. Since starting it last February, I’ve discerned a definite trend: Women run most of these businesses. 

I put that to Anne Arian, the owner of Anne’s Kitchen Table. “It’s about time!” she interjected. 

“I think that there’s finally a lot more opportunities for women today,” she said thoughtfully. “Plus, women have more independence.” 

Anne’s Kitchen Table offers outdoor seating.

That, coupled with life-changing events that come along after the kids grow up and the office jobs that wring out the last vestiges of youthful idealism. Women and men find themselves ready for new challenges never thought possible or probable in college. 

Anne fits into that classic, and in this case, welcome pattern. Her Kitchen Table in downtown Glenside offers an ambitious menu for such a small space, with descriptions that reveal Anne’s dry sense of humor, seasoned from years of experience in this business and life in general. 

Southwest chicken wrap served panini style.

Here the hungry finds two full pages of salads and sandwiches, which she titles “Fancy Schmancy Cold Sandwiches and Wraps”.

Anne puts a tasty spin on a deli classic, tuna salad, which she calls the “Whistle a Tuna Wrap” made with her “Famous tuna salad, provolone, lettuce, cucumbers, and roasted peppers.” The description suggests that you “Eat a Whistle while you work”. 

The little flairs of wit garnishing the description just makes the visit more memorable. 

I had that and my friend ordered the Southwest Chicken Wrap with turkey and made it into a panini. The fiesta of flavors included fresh made salsa, jack cheese, guacamole and more. 

Anne’s description of this sandwich ends with “…and a shot of tequila (for us, not you)”. 

Smoked lentil soup with ham

As a soup fanatic, the smoked lentil also did not disappoint. Sadly, dessert will have to wait until the next visit since the sandwiches here tend to be filling.  

Anne’s Kitchen Table on 11 Wesley Plaza has helped make downtown Glenside special for fifteen years so far. She opens from 10 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday, and serves dinner on Fridays. Brunch and lunch on Saturdays. She and her staff rests on Sunday. You’ll find more information at her website here.