Glenside Parade’s Corporal Roland Scarinci celebrates 100th birthday

Corporal Roland Scarinci, one of the Glenside Parade’s favorite performers and the oldest parade participant, recently celebrated his 100th birthday.

Corporal Roland, who plays the harmonica, received well-wishings from Bill Hall, the parade’s long-time coordinator:

“Abington Police Chief Patrick Molloy a few years ago recommended that Marine Corps veteran Roland Scarinci join Glenside’s Grand, Glorious, Patriotic Parade as a harmonic virtuoso. Thus, Mr. Scarinci, in his Marine Corps dress blue uniform, has been assigned a yearly spot in the opening phase of the march.  Usually riding in a police car, he gets out of same at selected and announced locations & offers his harmonica version of our National  Anthem, always to a rousing spectators’ response,” Bill said.

You can also check out this video of WMMR honoring Corporal Roland’s 99th birthday:

Photos courtesy of WMMR and Glenside Parade