Glenside Man Charged For Assaulting Police Officer

A Glenside man allegedly hit a Philadelphia police officer on the grounds of Independence National Park this past weekend.  He is now facing serious charges filed by the Federal government.

“United States Attorney William McSwain announced that Brian Glantz, 23, of Glenside…was charged on Saturday by complaint with one count of assault on an officer in the performance of official duties…and the assimilated Commonwealth of Pennsylvania crime of aggravated assault on an officer in the performance of official duties,” according to a statement issued by the United States Department of Justice, Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

“On November 17, 2018, a group identified as ‘We the People’ received a permit and held a rally in Independence National Park,” the statement continued.  “According to the complaint, approximately 50 people attended the event, and the group waved flags and made speeches.  The complaint alleges that approximately 500 counter-protesters gathered at the event, yelling obscenities at both the permitted group and at state, local, and federal law enforcement officers.  The complaint details that numerous law enforcement officers worked together to position themselves between the two groups to prevent a potentially violent confrontation.  The complaint charges that the defendant pushed back at the officers and, while on [Federal] Park property, punched a Philadelphia Police Department officer in the side of his face as he was in the performance of his duties;  the defendant continued to resist the officers’ efforts to arrest him, kicking his legs and wrestling with the officers and park rangers.”

“Assaulting a law enforcement agent – whether a federal, state, or local officer – is a crime that I take very seriously,” stated United States Attorney McSwain.  “There is no excuse for it.  No matter who you are, if you assault an officer and there is federal jurisdiction, I will bring the full weight of my Office down upon you.”

According to the Justice Department, Mr. Glantz had been held in custody since his arrest on Saturday.  Court proceedings were held today regarding this case.

“On Monday, the defendant appeared in United States Magistrate Court before…[Magistrate Judge] Elizabeth Hey and [Mr. Glantz] was released on a $15,000.00 bond with travel restrictions,” the statement from the United States Department of Justice, Eastern District of Pennsylvania, continued.

As noted by the Justice Department, “An indictment, information, or criminal complaint is an accusation.  A defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.”