Glenside Fire Company’s “Save the 1972 Seagrave” GoFundMe

The Glenside Fire Company has created a GoFundMe titled “Save the 1972 Seagrave,” which requires $38,000 for an engine replacement.

From the GoFundMe page:

In 1972, the Glenside Fire Company purchased a pair of Seagrave Pumpers. These trucks served as the primary fire pumpers until 1981.

One of these pumpers remains in the possession of the Glenside Fire Company, in original condition including the firefighting equipment and the drivetrain.

In 2022, this pumper experienced a catastrophic engine failure, requiring the replacement of the original 6-cylinder Waukesha gas engine. This repair is more than $38,000.00.

It’s known by many firefighters all over the States of PA and NJ. Those who never rode on it, polished and cleaned it, or packed hose after a fire call at 2 AM may call it only a “parade piece” with no firefighting value now. However, for many of us, it’s part of our history and tradition. It’s been used to travel to and extinguish fires and emergencies day and night, during nice weather and storms. It has also been used to show the community Santa is in town, or simply let the community know by its shining paint, the members of Glenside Fire Co care and are keeping it maintained along with the rest of the equipment and fleet.

Glenside Fire Company is a 501(C)(3) non profit organization

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