Former Abington commissioner inducted into Pennsylvania’s Voter Hall of Fame

D. Gregory Holt, a former Abington Commissioner, has been inducted into the Pennsylvania’s Voter Hall of Fame.

Thursday’s ceremony recognized and thanked dedicated voters for their civic engagement, while highlighting the importance of voting in this year’s election cycle.

Holt was one of 16 inductees honored, each of whom voted in 50 general elections.

“I would always remind young people that not voting has consequences. There has to be an issue that’s part of that election process that’s important to them. and even if there are other things that they don’t feel are important, or they have no interest in, make that one issue important enough to get you out to vote,” said Mr. Holt. “But also, at some point, some of the things that they don’t think are as important to them now, may become important to their future children or grandchildren. Politics is a long game. Things get passed that may not affect you for a while.”

The celebration marks the run-up to the Pennsylvania primary election, which takes place on April 23. The deadline for new voters in Pennsylvania to register to vote in the primary is April 8.

Montgomery County’s Voter Services satellite offices will open this weekend on Saturday, April 6, with opportunities for voters to request and submit mail-in ballots prior to the date of the election. Drop boxes will be available starting April 13.

For more details of satellite offices and drop box locations, you can click here.

About the Voter Hall of Fame

The Voter Hall of Fame is administered by the Pennsylvania Department of State’s Elections Bureau, and Inductees are listed on the Department of State’s website. To apply, voters must submit the application to Montgomery County Voter Services. The County then verifies eligibility with the PA Department of State.

Last month, the Commissioners put out a public call for applications to promote the program and to highlight the importance of voting. Voters who believe they are eligible to enter the Voters Hall of Fame should return the application to Montgomery County Voter Services by email to or by mail to Montgomery County Voter Services, P.O. Box 311, Norristown, Pa 19404-0311.

Voters must have been born before 1955 and voted in every general election since 1973 to be eligible for this year’s Voter Hall of Fame. The County plans to have future Voter Hall of Fame celebrations later this year. Photos are from today’s event are available here.

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