Fireworks in Rockledge postponed due to weather forecast

Rocklegde Borough has postponed its fireworks scheduledd for July 3rd due to the possibility of inclement weather. The decision was made by the fireworks vendor, which had the final say according to its contract. The fireworks are now scheduled for July 17th.

Below is the announcement:

We regret to inform you that unfortunately, the Fireworks scheduled for Saturday, July 3rd have been postponed until July 17th. The Fireworks Company feels; due to the possibility of inclement weather on Saturday, they feel the need to postpone the fireworks until July 17th. According to the 4th of July committee in their contract with them, it states that it is up to the company to make this decision, and they felt that they did not want to give a sub-par display due to the weather. An important item to state is that the company travels 5 hours to Rockledge and it takes few hours to set up for the display. This decision was not taken lightly on their part. We hope to see you ALL on July 17th at 9:45pm.