Farewell to One of the Most Decorated Legendary Officers

A graduate of Cheltenham High School, Mike “Clint” Reagan, says goodbye after 37 years of serving the Cheltenham Police Department. Regan has the longest career as a Cheltenham Officer then anyone currently in the department and is likely the most decorated in CPD history.

Sgt. Regan began his career in 1981, as a patrol officer. He was promoted to patrol supervisor and has been for the last 30 years. He also helped supervise the Drug Task Force unit, which is responsible for numerous arrests. 

Regan received national recognition back in November, 1995, for an apprehension in which he received his nick name, “Clint”.

The LA Times wrote,  A woman robbing a suburban doughnut shop pretended to be a waitress when a customer came to the drive-up window. Trouble was, she bungled the order–and the customer was a cop. 

Cheltenham Township Police Sgt. Michael Regan wanted a large coffee with cream and sugar. The woman at the suburban Dunkin’ Donuts had an unfamiliar face, and she delivered a medium black with the cup only half full. He parked in a remote corner, watched and waited. She walked into a back room and returned with two employees.

“Then I saw her make one of them open the register, and when he did that she scooped up the money,” he said. That’s when Regan called for backup and drove toward the store.

In April of 2005, Sgt. Regan received the Law Enforcement Medal of Valor. This medal is the District Attorney’s most prestigious award. It is given to select officers who fearlessly have put their lives at risk for a the Montgomery County citizens.

Next week, Sgt. Mike Regan, known as a legend at the Cheltenham Police Department, will begin his new endeavor as Chief of Police with the Dublin Borough, in Bucks County.