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  1. Public Workshop on Cheltenham Township Comprehensive Plan

    Community, Hosted By Montgomery County Planning Department

  2. Took place on Thursday, June 23rd, 2022 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm
  3. ZOOM
    Cheltenham Township
  4. Pursuant to the Public Workshop on the June 23 forum...here's what's up being worked on... anything you can do to help spread the word and get neighbors involved... helps us all. Sustainability & Resiliency a. What concerns you most about sustainability? Is it heat, emissions, stormwater, something else? b. Are there things that you want to do in response to that concern that the Township’s regulations make easy? Challenging? c. Are there enough trails and sidewalks in the township? If not, where do you have issues? d. Is there enough parks / green space in the township? If not, where do you think there needs to be more? 2. Transportation & Connectivity a. What kind of improvements would you like to see on the roads in Cheltenham? b. What has been your experience taking transit? c. Where in Cheltenham would you like to walk that is currently unsafe or inconvenient? 3. Parks, Open Space, and Recreation a. Are there parks in the township you’d like to see improved? How? b. Are there events or programs you wish would happen in parks in the township? c. Are there enough playing fields for sports that you want to play? If not, what kind of fields are missing? 4. Economic Development & Improving Commercial Areas a. What support do local businesses need? b. How can the township help to support or create opportunities for local businesses? c. Are there places in the township that are pleasant to shop? d. Are there places in the township that are unpleasant to shop? 5. Community Facilities a. Do you make use of community facilities like the recreation centers/libraries? b. How important are community facilities like the libraries to you? c. Are you willing to go farther to reach a larger, more modern facility?



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