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  1. Oh… Santa Clause is Coming to Town!!!!

    Hosted By Glenside Fire Company

  2. Took place on Saturday, December 9th, 2017
  3. Glenside, Wyncote and Laverock
  4. Santa hits the neighborhoods thanks to Glenside Fire Company! Below is the list and times for destined streets throughout Glenside, Wyncote and Laverock. There will be two crews out there covering the listed areas on Saturday December 9th with a rain date of Sunday December 10th. Crew 1                                                                            Crew 2 3:15 Argyle Rd.                                                                3:15 Cobden and Harris 3:25 Chelfield Rd                                                            3:25  Waverly and Gen Patterson 3:40 Bridle and Custis                                                   3:35 Redwood and Gribbel 3:50 Plymouth and Winding Way                               3:45 Old Farm and Longfellow 4:05 Beaver and Georgian                                             3:55 Towers and Wyncote Bldg 2 4:15 Twickenham and Laverock                                   4:15 Old CB and McDonald Rd 4:25 Berkeley and Cherry                                               4:40 Deaver and Crescent 4:35 Montier and Clayton                                               4:50 Walt and Greenwood Place 4:45 Montier and Lynnwood                                          5:10 Kent and Fernbrook 5:00 Mid-block Harrison (100 block)                          5:15 Heacock and Kent 5:15 Harrison and Springhouse                                     5:25 Maple and Webster 5:25 Mid-block Oak                                                          5:35 Fernbrook (midblock) 5:35 Waverly and Lismore                                               5:45 Woodland and Hilltop 5:45 Brookdale and Stanley                                             5:55 Glenview and Park 6:00 Waverly and Ridgeway                                            6:05 South and Paxson 6:10 Hewitt and T.W. Park                                               6:15 North and Paxson 6:20 Royal and Bickley                                                      6:25 Paxson and Edgley 6:30 Waverly and Bickley      

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