Elkins Park’s Creekside Market & Tap in search of new vendors

Creekside Market & Tap, a farmers market at 7909 High School Road, Elkins Park, is looking for three vendors to flesh out their current offerings.

Edward Webber, Creekside’s property manager, said that additional food service offerings, a dry goods/prepackaged foods outfit, and/or a small bakery would be ideal new vendors.

Haven Local, a specialty grocery store, Creekside Restaurant & Deli, and Cheshire Brewing Company are the vendors of Creekside at present. Dave’s Backyard Farms and Mitchell & Mitchell Wines left in December 2022.

Creekside opened their doors in 2020, and Edward has enjoyed watching the market’s forward progress.

“Haven Local, Cheshire, and our restaurant have all been doing great. Cheshire has a good beer selection,” he said.

For more on Creekside Market & Tap, you can visit their Facebook page and their website.