Elkins Park resident and established financial educator launches Contented Money Coaching, now taking clients

Allison Kade, an Elkins Park resident, is the founder and managing editor for a boutique, full-service content agency called Contented.

Her work has been published by Bloomberg, Forbes, The Today Show, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, TheStreet, Credit.com, Fox Business News and The Fiscal Times, along with lifestyle publications like Real Simple, Travel + Leisure, Lifehacker, xoJane and BoingBoing, among others.

Kade launched Contented Money Coaching one month ago. Her interest in finance began after graduating from Columbia University in 2008 directly into the global financial crisis.

“It felt like a front-row seat to what was going on around me,” she said. “I landed a job in that field, which was a deeply informative experience. I was able to dive deep into financial issues and that got me started on the path I’ve been on.”

Kade says her services are financial literacy-driven and distinct from those of a financial advisor. She doesn’t manage assets, investments, or tax returns.

“I’m a little more holistic. I’m most able to help people with specific questions and are eager for financial education. I’m a thought partner to get them to achieve their goals,” she said. “A lot of people I work with tend to be mid-career professionals with competing financial priorities. So it’s a question of figuring out someone’s priorities. In some cases, people have specific questions they want to work through. In other cases, they need help sorting through their financial picture, and I can act almost like a closet cleaner for their finances.”

“It’s been really nice to see some of the tangible impacts of my work,” she said. “For example, I was out to dinner with a friend years ago, and she started talking about her 401K. I told her I told her some of the pros and cons of maxing that out, and she went home and did exactly that. That’s a material difference from one conversation.”

Originally from Florida, Kade moved to Elkins Park in 2021 with her husband, Boris Kerzner, who owns Grow Our Food, a sustainable landscape service.

“We moved here and three weeks later we had a baby,” she said. “I love how visually beautiful the area is. It’s also been a really friendly community.”

To schedule a free 20-minute consultation with Kade, you can click here.

For more on Contented and Contented Money Coaching, you can visit Kade’s website. You can also check out her appearance on FOX61 in 2019:

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Photos: Allison Kade