Elkins Park man pleads guilty to illegally transferring firearms

Elkins Park resident, Faatir Ali Al-Ahad, 25, of the 7300 block of Sycamore Avenue, has plead guilty to felony charges of obtaining handguns and then illegally transferring them to individuals not allowed by law to own firearms. He could face over 20 years in prison for his crime.

The incidents occurred in both Bucks and Montgomery County between 2020 and 2021. Al-Ahad is one of four people charged in what is known as a “straw purchase” scheme. A “staw purchase” is when  a person without a criminal history purchases firearms for someone else who, by law, cannot purchase a firearm.

The weapons purchased included a Glock Model G19 9mm semiautomatic handgun, a Glock .45-caliber semiautomatic handgun, a Taurus 9mm semiautomatic handgun and a Zastava semiautomatic pistol.

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