Elkins Park couple’s hurricane troubles

Karen and John Hightower of Elkins Park were interviewed today about their trip home from a five-day Caribbean cruise during a massive hurricane.

Wednesday evening wasn’t the best day for international travel.

“When you went out on the deck, that’s where the chairs were sliding back and forth, and you went to look over the side, and your face, I mean you just took a bath,” John said. “You saw three-foot drops and your stomach and your meals started wanting to go back to the kitchen.”

Instead of peacefully celebrating John’s 75th birthday, the Hightowers were battling motion sickness and doing their best to get home in one piece.

“The last night it got really, really rocky and we started hearing that we would be delayed getting back to port,” Karen said. “We were worried about our flight.”

The Hightowers made it to Elkins Park safe and sound with only an hour flight delay.

For the full story, you can visit 6ABC News’ article here. Screengrab courtesy of 6ABC News.

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