Dunkin’ downsizing, Sherwin-Williams coming to Cheltenham Plaza

After laying dormant for the past decade and a half, the lot adjacent to the Dunkin’ in Cheltenham Plaza has been seeing its share of action lately. And the construction is just getting started.

The lot owner submitted an application to the township in 2020 which proposed the demolition of the existing Dunkin’ and the construction of a newer, smaller Dunkin’. That smaller Dunkin’, measuring 1,815 square feet, would essentially move next door. Initial construction was permitted, but crews had to wait for the Planning Commission to grant additional approval. That approval was granted during a morning meeting on August 25.

The downsized Dunkin’ is expected to be open for business by December of this year. With all the time, resources, and headaches that go into demolition and construction, one might ask, “Why fix what isn’t broken?”

“They’re trying to build a more efficient Dunkin’,” said Henry Sekawungu, Director of Planning and Zoning, Cheltenham Township. “They’re trying to maximize density. The current Dunkin’ is probably not what they want, so why not tear it down and come up with another building with a smaller footprint that matches their goals.”

The lot owner has additionally proposed the construction of a Sherwin-Williams, the retail painting and coating chain, in place of the existing Dunkin’. The 5,855 square feet Sherwin-Williams is expected to be finished by summer 2023.

“A lot of the concerns about traffic flow have been discussed and reviewed by the traffic engineers. We think what’s proposed will be a better outcome,” Sekawungu said. “They’ll be reconstructing and restriping the areas, and closing one of the driveways on the northern side of the property. They’ll be required to meet PennDOT’s requirements and have been subject to Township review. They’ve been pretty much gotten all of the approvals so far.”

The only obstacle in construction was an existing billboard which, incidentally, was constructed on the wrong lot. That billboard was relocated to its intended site.

“There will be improvements to the pedestrian light controls and upgrades specific to traffic and pedestrian utilities as well,” Sekawungu said.

Architect’s rendering of the new Dunkin’ and the Sherwin-Williams at Cheltenham Plaza