Dr. Michael Mittelman, president of Salus University in Elkins Park and former Navy Rear Admiral, discusses military medicine on WarDocs’ podcast

Dr. Michael H. Mittelman, president of Salus University and a former Navy Rear Admiral, recently appeared on WarDocs’ military medicine-centric podcast.

Dr. Mittelman, who was appointed Salus’ president in 2013, served with distinction for more than three decades in the U.S. Navy. The podcast delves into Dr. Mittelman’s military career, which included directing the Navy Medical Service Corps and commanding the US Naval Hospital in Okinawa, and the ways in which military medicine plays out in humanitarian assistance missions.

An excerpt from the introductory article:

In the realm of military vision care and readiness, he highlighted how optometrists often deploy with surgical teams to provide eye care. He explained the evaluation process for aviators who experience age-related degradation of their vision, noting that corrective measures can be taken to keep them active.

To listen to the episode, you can use Apple’s link or Spotify’s link. For more on Dr. Mittelman’s presidency and military honors and accomplishments, you can click here.

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Photos courtesy of Salus University, WarDocsPodcast.com