Coffee and a Cruise with a Cop?

The Abington Township Police Department is working hard to reconnect with the community. They are going above and beyond to maintain an open dialogue with their residents. Just this past week they had one of their “Coffee with a Cop” events here in Glenside at Daryl’s Pastries. Its a great time to allow neighbors to sit back and relax with their local Police Officers, while enjoying coffee and conversation.

In addition to coffee talk, Abington Police Department began offering “Virtual Ride Alongs” to the  community throughout the year. The idea is to give the residents a glimpse of what the officers experience on a typical shift. During their evening shifts, officers will follow calls for service and will tweet videos, photos and any information about the calls. It gives the community the feel of actually being in the passenger seat of the police car.

The purpose of these innovative programs is not only to let the residents get to know their officers, but ultimately to enhance the public trust and continue to build partnerships with their community. Contact the Abington Police Department to find out more information.