Chief Molloy, pastor Mitchell address concerns over Thursday’s brawl at Abington Senior High School, 6ABC and Sgt. Mark Fusetti publish footage

6ABC recently covered the fight at Abington Senior High School which broke out in the school’s hallways on Thursday, September 14. There were no serious injuries, though eight students have been arrested and charged with riot and simple assault.

Abington’s Police Chief Patrick Molloy told 6ABC that the fight is “one of many between the same two groups of students.”

“Our juvenile detectives have been dealing with two groups of young teens over the last seven months that have been dealing with altercations, other crimes,” said Molloy.

The district shared the following announcement on Thursday:

According to 6ABC’s article, many of the recurring fights begin with arguments over social media posts, including an ongoing argument regarding the death of 16-year-old Abington High School student Keivon Abraham, who was shot in May.

Molloy and The Salem Baptist Church Pastor Marshall Mitchell have organized mediations for students which have involved police, school administrators and community mentors.

“We need our children to understand the life-changing consequences of a video, ” said Mitchell. “We operate a Police Athletic League, so what we’re saying is we’re going to double down on what we’re doing on a part-time basis. Children have also seen things on the internet, social media … it’s actually taking an enormous toll on our children.”

For the full article, you can click here. You can watch 6ABC’s video coverage below:

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