Cheltenham teacher’s ‘Chimera Project’ feat. on High-Tech High Graduate School of Education’s website

Isaac Stanford, a 7th grade social studies teacher at Cedarbrook Middle School (Cheltenham School District), was recently featured on the High-Tech High Graduate School of Education’s “Unboxed” website for his Chimera Project.

The Chimera Project allowed students to examine folklore, myth, symbolism, and cultural traditions through making their own hybrid animals. Students learned about ancient Greek myths, then selected and researched their favorite chimeras from all over the world, including their cultural significance and geographic origins.

Stanford’s students created large posters as well as their own chimeras and creation myths. They used 3D design tools to create models of these new chimeras and printed them on the classroom 3D printer.

The project’s publication also received a downloadable project card for other teachers.

For a video about the project, you can watch below:

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