Cheltenham swears in new Lieutenant, Board recognizes retirees, service milestones

The Cheltenham Township Board of Commissioners recognized the swearing-in of Joseph O’Neill as Police Lieutenant during their regular meeting on Wednesday, February 21.

About Lieutenant O’Neill, courtesy of the township’s website:

Joe O’Neill joined the CTPD in 2001 and was assigned to various assignments as a patrol officer, including being selected as a member of the department’s Anti-Crime Team (ACT). He was cross-sworn as a Special Montgomery County Detective as part of the District Attorney’s Drug Task Force (DTF) in 2005.  After his promotion to the rank of sergeant in 2008, he supervised a patrol squad for four years prior to transferred to the Administrative Services and Professional Standards Division in 2012, where his role included overseeing 11 civilian employees, the police operations room, the fleet, and the department’s records management system. In addition, he served as a commander on the Montgomery County Major Incident Response Team (MIRT) since 2017, and serves as the CTPD’s Drug Task Force Coordinator since 2018.

Lt. O’Neill has a Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Administration and will soon complete a Master of Administrative Science degree.  He is a graduate of the Northwestern University’s School of Police Staff and Command.  He further serves Cheltenham Township as one of the Township’s Deputy Emergency Management Coordinators and Assistant Fire Chief and Board of Director of La Mott Fire Company.

The Board additionally recognized a number of retirees and employee and volunteer milestones.

The following Township employees were presented certificates recognizing their retirements between 2020-Present:

  • Bruce Rangnow – Administration
  • Linda Vann – Administration
  • Avery China – Administration
  • Prudence Rebitz – Administration
  • George Discavage – EMS
  • Michael Bates – Public Works
  • Steve Predjulek – Public Works
  • Robert Ungurean – Public Works
  • John Beerhalter – Public Works
  • Dominick Bartol – Public Works
  • Raymond Staley – Public Works
  • Lawrence Lucas – Public Works
  • Thomas Walsh – Public Works
  • Daniel McGowan – Public Works
  • Paul Ciambella – Public Works
  • Jerry Rines III – Public Works
  • Vincent Cabulis – Public Works in memoriam
  • John Finlan – Public Works

The following current employees were recognized for reached milestones of service with Cheltenham Township from 2020-Present:

  • Kim Kirschner – Emergency Management (10 years)
  • Jessica Barto – EMS (20 years)
  • Robert Coyle – Public Works Director (20 years)
  • Lloyd Massey – Public Works (20 years)
  • Jerry Rines III – Public Works (20 years)
  • Keith Herder – Public Works (20 years)
  • Richard Booker – Public Works (20 years)
  • David Mattes – Public Works (20 years)
  • Robert Smith – Public Works (20 years)
  • Roman Kushnir – Public Works (20 years)
  • William Haigh – Public Works (20 years):
  • Ken Hellendall – EMS (30 years)
  • James Rebitz – Public Works (30 years)

The following Volunteers were also recognized for milestones of Service from 2020-Present:

  • Wendy Blutstein – Civil Rights Task Force (10 years)
  • Robert Chiarlanza – Glenside Fire Company (10 years)
  • Brady D’Lauro – Glenside Fire Company (10 years)
  • Bill Winneberger – Glenside Fire Company (10 years)
  • Shawn McCullough – Glenside Fire Company (10 years)
  • Jon Owens – Glenside Fire Company (10 years)
  • Jason Hanford – Glenside Fire Company (10 years)
  • Charles Kelly – Cheltenham Fire Company (10 years)
  • Bonnie Aaron – Cheltenham Fire Company (10 years)
  • Kevin Serowsky – Cheltenham Fire Company (10 years)
  • Ed McMahon – Elkins Park Fire Company (10 years)
  • Jason Sladinski – Elkins Park Fire Company (10 years)
  • William Chambres – Twinning Committee (20 years)
  • Thomas Hamel – Glenside Fire Company (20 years)
  • Jerry Hines Jr. – Glenside Fire Company (20 years)
  • Gabriel Shoemaker – Glenside Fire Company (20 years)
  • Moira Downey-Miller – Cheltenham Fire Company (20 years)
  • James McCann III – Twinning Committee (20 years), Historical Commission (40 years)

Video of the presentations at the Board meeting is available here, beginning with the swearing-in introduction at minute mark 5:23.

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Photos: Cheltenham Township