Cheltenham schools receive $650K STEM grant

Superintendent Dr. Brian Scriven announced a $650,000 grant and partnership with Fluxspace, a Norristown-based education technology startup, which will implement STEM-based learning in the classroom.

Cheltenham schools are expected to benefit greatly from the grant funds.

“When we look at today’s education and the characteristics we’re looking for, I really want to emphasize it’s not just about grades any longer, but it’s about the habits of mind and our students’ ability to coexist beyond high school,” Dr. Scriven said in a recent board meeting. “We’re extremely fortunate to be the recipients of a grant. It may not seem like a lot, but it’s going to afford us to look at how we set up classrooms and spaces through a different lens.”

“There’s a series of steps that are going to take place as gear up to implement this initiative,” Dr. Scriven said. “It’s something that’s going to be public knowledge. We’re going to look at a specific project at each school, and this is going to happen organically as we pilot this experience. Hopefully it’s something that can be duplicated based on the data we collect.”