Cheltenham police seeking information on suspect in spate of graffiti

The Cheltenham Police Department is seeking the public’s help in identifying a person caught on a dash-cam with spray paint in an area that has had a recent spate of graffiti. The suspect dropped the spray paint and rode off on a bike. The graffiti says “GRAM.”

Below is the notice from the police department:

Can you help us? Recently there has been a large amount of new graffiti popping up all over the Elkins Park, LaMott, and Lynnwood Gardens neighborhoods. Last Thursday one of our officers happened upon this suspect pictured below while in the process of marking a wall with a very large tag, “GRAM”. The male dropped his spray can and fled on a bicycle into Lynnwood Gardens. The incident was caught on the vehicle dash-cam and the images below are from that video. Do you know this person? If you do, please help us and call CTPD Detectives at (215) 885-1600 x499.