Cheltenham Police Incidents for 7/28

Cheltenham Township Police Department

This is a selection of incidents provided by the Cheltenham Township Police department’s “day book”. See the report in its entirety here.

July 22

Domestic Disturbance: 3:30 AM, 7719 Washington Lane. Verbal Dispute. All appeared fine upon police arrival. 

Pedestrian Investigation: 5:20 AM, 8250 Limekiln Pike, (Wawa). Police observed a male sleeping behind the wheel. All OK. 

Theft from Auto: 10:57 AM, 230 S Easton Rd (Dunkin Donuts). Unknown W/M, 20s, black hair and goatee, white tank top dark shorts and black and white sneakers reachined into the car’s open windward stole the handicap placard. 

Domestic Disturbance: 7:47 PM, 2471 W Cheltenham Ave. Argument between boyfriend and girlfriend on a bus. Handled on scene by police. 

July 23

Retail Theft: 11:20 AM, 7690 Washington Lane (Home Depot) Police responded for a subject in custody after passing all points sale with $399 worth of store merchandize. 

Unwanted Person: 3:52 PM, 8250 Limekiln Pike (Wawa). Police responded for a male sleeping in the grass. Subject was advised. 

Assist Other Agency: 6:55 PM, Broad Street & 70th Ave. Vehicle was shot at in Philadelphia. On-going investigation. 

July 24

Suspicious Vehicle: 12:06 AM, Church Rd & Panther Rd. 2 vehicles parked suspiciously on road. Gone on arrival. 

Theft $200 and over retail: 12:20 AM, 1401 Cheltenham Ave. Male was arrested for stealing merchandise with the value of $216.47. 

Theft Under $50 Auto: 5:19 AM, 900 Valley Rd. Unknown person entered an unlocked vehicle and took loose change. EZ Pass was reported missing. 

Fraud-Credit Card ATM: 11:02 AM, 7409 Coventry Rd. Complainant stated that there were three fraudulent charges on her MasterCard totaling $903.89 on 6/24/19. Complainant stated she has had multiple caretakers for her daughter’s medical needs and suspect ex-caretaker Kayla Crawford may have had something do with the fraudulent purchases. 

Fraud— Flim Flam: 7:35 PM, 7690 Washington Lane. Customer purchased a gift card from an unknown male that had zero balance. Subject had left the area prior to police arrival. 

July 25

Auto Repossessed: 4 AM, 7312 Chestnut Ave. 2016 Jeep Grand CherokeePA KCW2684 was towed by JJ Repo Services, LLC. 

Fraud Flim Flam: 3:45 PM, 2450 Shoppers Lane. Femal was defrauded of $120 in exchange for useless gift cards. Suspect was a B/M, late 20’s – early 30’s, 6’, medium build with a beard, blue button down shirt, jeans and sneakers. 

Disturbance: 3:57 PM, 9 Cheltenham Ave, W/M and B/M were fighting on the lawn at the above location damaging property. Both them and passerby that tried to stop the fight were gone on arrival. 

Illegal Dumping: 5:02 PM, 1600 Church Rd. Female in a Jeep dumped several bags of trash. 

Harassment/Stalking: 7:36 PM, 130 S. Easton Rd. Complainant being harassed by an ex. Police did advise male to leave location and not return. 

July 26

Burglary Attempt: 9:45 AM, 17723 Washington Ln, Apt. B. Complainant found their front door damaged. Appeared unknown actors attempted to remove the door knob overnight. No entry was made.

Retail Theft: 12:41 PM, 2471 W Cheltenham Ave (Shop Rite). Complainant called to report a retail theft. Upon police arrival actors were [gone] with an unknown amount of product. 

Theft Report: 1:40 PM 2401 W Cheltenham Ave (Wells Fargo). Complainant called to report money stolen from her bank account. She stated she believe an unknown subject used the AT immediately after her to access her account.  

Juvenile Complaint: 6:46 PM, 82 Ogontz Ave (ALDI). Police were called for 3 juvenile males stealing food and harassing customers. Gone on arrival. 

July 27

HAZMAT: 9:39 AM, 107 Boncouer Rd. Complainant stated neighbor was draining unknown substance into sewer drain. Made contact with homeowner, draining pool that had a dead deer in it. OIC contacted appropriate personnel. Residents advised. 

Suicide Attempt: 9:42 AM, 8200 Ogontz Ave (ALDI). Male called with suicidal thoughts, would not give location. After brief search the male was located at this location, barricaded in his vehicle with a knife. Male began cutting his own throat with said knife. Officers eventually extricated him from the vehicle, transported to AMH by EMS. 

Police investigation: 3:21 PM, 49 Tookany Creek Pwy. Citizens using bow and arrows were advised to aim in a safe location. 

July 28

Gunshots Fired: 1:20 AM, 1416 Mellon Rd. Police were dispatched for the sound of gunfire. Large party going on. Unfounded. 

Suspicious Circumstances: 6:38 PM, 2401 Cheltenham Ave. Two children left I a vehicle under the age of 5. Handled on scene. Cited.