Cheltenham PD welcomes three officers, honors two K-9 colleagues

The Cheltenham Police Department recently welcomed three Police Academy graduates: Officers Enoch Okezie, Zachery Koerper, and James Magee.

Each graduate completed a 919-hour program of instruction that included physical training, firearms training, classroom training in constitutional law, the Pennsylvania Crimes and Vehicle Codes, crisis intervention and tactical first aid.

From left to right: Lieutenant Snyder, Officer Magee, Sergeant Sparango | Feature photo, left to right: Sergeant Murphy, Lieutenant Farley, Officer Okezie, Officer Koerper, Chief Slavin)

Okezie and Koerper graduated from the Delaware County Community College Municipal Police Academy, and Magee graduated from the Montgomery County Community College Municipal Police Academy.

The new officers will move on to a 600-hour field training program guided and observed by experienced members of the Cheltenham Police Department.

The Department additionally recognized former K-9 colleagues Bo and Odie by adding their names to a K-9 Memorial, located between the police station and Township building.

Bo was partnered with Officer Farrell and retired from the Police Department in 2017 after 10 years of service. According to police, he lived a happy life with the Farrell family until his passing in 2020.

Odie served with Sergeant Moore from 2013-2022 and passed away shortly after retirement, surrounded by his family.

Photo credits: Cheltenham Township Police Department