Cheltenham man convicted of animal cruelty after allegedly punching, stomping on his dog

Carlton F. Gayle, 40, of the 300 block of Jefferson Avenue in Cheltenham Township, was convicted of misdemeanor animal cruelty charges in connection with incidents that occurred between October and November 2022 involving Gayle’s mastiff dog, The Reporter said.

The investigation began after police received reports from witnesses that Gayle “punched and stomped on the dog in the yard of his home,” according to The Reporter’s article. A video filmed on October 7, 2022, showed Gayle outside of his home “picking up his dog by the neck and collar and then proceeds to forcefully slam the dog toward the ground into a central air conditioner unit for his house,” The Reporter said.

“He then knelt down and punched the dog five times. Gayle yelled for the dog to stand up. He then again grabbed the dog by what appears to be the neck and picked him up. The dog is heard yelping at this point,” read a criminal complaint.

He faces a possible maximum sentence of one to two years in prison. Sentencing has been deferred so court officials can complete a background investigation report about Gayle, who remains free on bail.

The dog is no longer in Gayle’s possession.

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