Cheltenham grad Netanyahu frequenting international headlines amidst Israel-Gaza conflict

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a 1967 graduate of Cheltenham High School, has been frequenting international headlines amidst the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict.

On Tuesday, an explosion occurred at a hospital in Gaza, with authorities estimating hundreds of deaths, including patients who were seeking treatment. The explosion came amid heavy aerial bombardment by Israel over the last week.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister described the hospital attacks as that of “barbaric terrorists” in a Tweet.

The same day, The Hill ran an article titled “Biden to ask Netanyahu ‘tough questions’ while in Israel in wake of hospital explosion.”

Today, The New York Times ran an Opinion piece titled “Netanyahu Led Us to Catastrophe. He Must Go.” A day earlier, The Guardian published an article titled “‘He’s unfit’: Israel fiercely divided over Netanyahu’s hostage response“.

On Wednesday, October 18, CNN published an article titled “Biden claims his Israel trip was a success even as tensions soar across the Middle East“. An excerpt:

But his mission also showed the limits of US leverage in a region on the brink of wider violence as conflicting narratives between Israel and Arab states about a blast at a hospital in Gaza City believed to have killed hundreds of people deepened the crisis.

The president did accomplish one key goal of his mission – expressing his deep respect for Israel, movingly shouldering the country’s trauma and grief and invoking Holocaust analogies in vowing to stand forever with the Jewish people.

President Biden spoke with Prime Minister Netanyahu on Saturday, October 14. An excerpt of their conversation:

For a full recording of the President’s arrival and remarks, you can watch below:

To watch Netanyahu address the Israeli parliament on Monday, you can watch the video below:

For a detailed history of Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu’s experience at Cheltenham High School, you can click here.

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