Cheltenham grad Darryl Stanley making his mark in the ultimate frisbee world

Darryl Stanley, a 2004 graduate of Cheltenham High School, has become one of the most respected ultimate frisbee coaches in the country.

He currently leads Washington DC Truck Stop in USA Ultimate’s club men’s division, the DC Breeze in the AUDL, and the University of Maryland in USA Ultimate’s D-I college men’s division. 

According to, coaching was not initially on Stanley’s radar, and his career started when he was a sophomore at Cheltenham High. He played three years at CHS and captained the team his senior season.

From their lengthy article, titled “Darryl Stanley is Just as Happy to Coach Gym Class”:

Initially, he joined his former high school teammates at club sectionals, where he was noticed by veteran players on Philadelphia Rage. He rode the bench with Rage and started a new club team, Philly Love, when he was cut from a merged Philadelphia-New Jersey Pike team. Following a respectable Regionals finish, Stanley tried to organize a few veteran players to provide leadership for his new team, which he wanted to become a bracket threat at the regional level. But when they backed out and the team was left with little leadership, Stanley took a break from club ultimate and became simply a league player.

For Stanley’s interview with “Disc and Dat Championship Edition”, you can watch this video:

Stanley earned a bachelor’s degree from Penn State in Information Sciences and Technology. According to his LinkedIn profile, he is currently the Director of Information Technology at Democratic National Convention Committee.

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