Cheltenham Considers Rezoning for Wawa Proposal

Proposed Wawa Development

Among the items on Cheltenham Township’s Zoning Board meeting on May was Goodman Properties’ request to change the zoning at 20 West Waverly Road.

Goodman Properties wants to demolish the house at that location to turn the parcel into an entrance into the fuel station area. The proposed zoning would change this sliver of property from residential to mixed-use.

Other items discussed include:

  • Commissioner Norris asked how much revenue the Wawa would bring to the Township. Mr. Goodman, using the Limekiln location as an example, claimed the location would generate $35,000 annually.
  • The project’s traffic engineer, Matt Hammond, addressing pedestrian safety suggested an option to add pavement markings and narrowing Harrison Avenue from 14 feet to 9 feet with striping.
  • Deputy Police Chief John Weed, addressing concerns about police activity compared foot traffic between the Ogontz and Limekiln locations sees more customers coming from Philadelphia to Limekiln to avoid the soda tax.
  • Ten residents registered comments at this meeting. Some questioned the design’s impact on pedestrian safety. One resident said she didn’t want to see the house at 20 West Waverly Road demolished. One resident wondered if the Township would require electric charging stations. According to Commissioner Bagley, it will not. Two residents expressed resounding disapproval of the project, one saying it didn’t fit in with the “vision” of the area and the other accusing the Township of “selling out.”

Meeting minutes can be found here.