Cedar Street Park planning meeting seeks input on plant selection

cedar street jenkintown

The Jenkintown Borough Environmental Advisory Committee meets tomorrow, February 6th, 2019 at Borough Hall, 700 Summit Avenue at 7:00 PM. During this meeting, Horticulturist, Eva Monheim will speak on “Plant Communities” and botanical selections for Cedar Street Park.

Additionally, the JEAC will hold a virtual meeting on additional issues via this Google doc. Please request access if you would like to participate.

Controversial Project

The Cedar Street property was acquired by the Borough in 2017 for the purposes of building a pocket park. It remains highly controversial in the community since many believe that borough leadership improperly advertised its intentions and left several of its own council members in the dark.

So far, the Cedar Street property has cost taxpayers $268,000 just in budget outlays. The lost tax revenue to both the borough and the school district is not accounted for in the Borough’s budget

Please email questionsforJEAC@gmail.com for more information and / or questions.