Pa4Ceasefire to protest outside Congresswoman Dean’s Glenside office

Correction: The original version of this article attributed the protest to CeaseFirePA. The organization that is staging the rally is Pa4Ceasefire of Cheltenham Township.

A member of the PA Fourth District for Ceasefire (Pa4Ceasefire) told Glenside Local that a protest will be held on Wednesday, November 22 at 10:30am outside of Congresswoman Madaline Dean’s Glenside office at 115 E Glenside Avenue #1.

According to the member, the protest comes in response to an email Congresswoman Dean sent to her constituents regarding her stance in the Israelis’ occupation in Gaza.

“In the email, she acknowledged her support for the funding of Israel and the right to ‘Defend Herself’, while also addressing the need for two-state resolutions,” the member said. “Cheltenham and Montgomery County, including Glenside, is a community for all, and we do not stand the senseless killing of a group of people no matter who they are.”

They continued:

Her email contradicts the definition of Palestinian liberation, something that she openly expressed supporting in previous interviews. We are rallying and demanding for Madaline Dean to call for a ceasefire, reminding her that you cannot take a neutral stance on human lives. We want to remind her that the Montgomery community stands on the right side of history, and we hope you join us in the fight for liberation.

When asked for the organization’s position on Hamas or the October 7 attacks, they replied:

We do not condone the actions of either Israel or Hamas on the events of October 7th. We believe that the Palestinian people’s desire for liberation has been overshadowed by Israeli occupation and the actions of Hamas on October 7th. We do not stand for terrorism of any kind, which is why we believe calling for a ceasefire to the violence the Palestinian people have been facing for 75 years is important. 

On November 8, Congresswoman Dean issued this press release regarding the Israeli-Hamas conflict, titled “From the River to the Sea”.

On October 31, she called for a “humanitarian pause in hostilities in Israel and Gaza in order to prioritize the health and safety of civilians.”

For more on Congresswoman Dean, you can click here.

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Photo: Long & Foster