Cedarbrook students participated in the 24® game regional tournament for 20 Montgomery County schools and about 70 students in grades six through eight on May 23.

The 24 game helps students hone their computation and problem solving skills, gain number/pattern sense and engage critical thinking by finding a way to manipulate four integers so the end result is 24®.

Cedarbrook students Kai Bosniak, Vaughn McCain, Jesse Packel and Clare Rajapakse earned the right to represent Cedarbrook at the regional card game competition following a schoolwide tournament. After qualifying for states in 2017, Rajapakse, who approached Challenge teacher Beth Kenna this year about sponsoring a 24® game club, made the semifinals but did not qualify for finals.

In 1988, successful inventor ROBERT SUN embarked on a journey to teach children the relationship between numbers through a game. The result of his efforts was the 24® game, a unique mathematics teaching tool that has proven to successfully engage students in grades 1 through 9 from diverse economic and social backgrounds. Suntex International Inc., the company Robert Sun founded, is an organization committed to furthering mathematics education

That original, Single Digits game evolved into nine editions that educators, parents and children embrace These innovative tools are still helping to create a new generation of students to become critical thinkers and problem solvers.