Business Founded In Glenside Is Key To Utility Tree-Trimming In Markets Worldwide

Asplundh Tree Expert is a family-owned and operated corporation that began as a small business run by three brothers in Glenside.  Today, the company is headquartered in Willow Grove.  According to the firm, Asplundh has grown to employ more than 35,000 service professionals throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

A few weeks ago, Asplundh Tree Expert celebrated its 90th anniversary of business.


The tree service business was founded by three Asplundh brothers – Lester, Carl, and Griffith – on August 28, 1928.  The name “Asplundh” means a “grove of Aspen trees”, according to the company, in Swedish.  Their father immigrated to the United States from Sweden;  their mother was a native of Switzerland, according to the firm.


Asplundh Tree Expert was initially headquartered in the Keswick Building in Glenside.

The company describes itself as a full-service utility contractor that “performs tree pruning and removals, right-of-way clearing and maintenance, vegetation management with herbicides and emergency storm work, and logistical support.”

“As a third generation family executive, I look back to the founders and second generation family executives during our 90th anniversary, and I think it is clear that their philosophy of ‘The Better Way’ is still a strong and guiding force of the company,” said Mr. Scott Asplundh, Chairman of the Board and CEO, during the annual headquarters picnic in late September.  “I extend my thanks to all of our employees and customers who have been a part of our successful 90 years!”


The three Asplundh brothers and workers for Asplundh Tree Expert gathered for a photo at their headquarters at the Keswick Building in Glenside in 1929.  The three brothers are the individuals standing on the landing leading to the second floor of the building.


According to the firm, Asplundh works with more than 4,000 customers, including a number of large utility companies.

PPL Electric Utilities is one of those clients.  The president of that utility, Mr. Gregory Dudkin, remarked recently “that PPL was one of the company’s first customers and that Asplundh crews have worked on the system continuously since 1928.”

“We are thankful that Asplundh has always been there with additional crews whenever PPL requested assistance in restoring power,” stated Mr. Dudkin.


Executives with Asplundh Tree Expert, PPL Electric Utilities, and UtiliCon Solutions, a subsidiary of Asplundh Tree Expert, planted “a swamp white oak tree as a living reminder of the company’s 90th anniversary celebration,” according to the firm.  From left to right in the photo are Mr. Scott Asplundh, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Asplundh Tree Expert;  Mr. Gregory Dudkin, President of PPL Electric Utilities;  Mr. Gregg Asplundh, Mr. Chris Asplundh, and Mr. David Fleischner, Executive Vice Presidents of Asplundh Tree Expert;  Mr. Steven Asplundh, COO of UtiliCon Solutions;    Mr. Brent Asplundh, President of UtiliCon Solutions;  and  Mr. George Graham, President of Asplundh Tree Expert.


The top photograph and the bottom two photographs are courtesy of Asplundh Tree Expert, 2018.