Arcadia, PSU Abington to host annual #GivingTuesday fundraisers

Arcadia and PSU Abington will hold giving events on Tuesday as part of annual fundraisers.

Arcadia’s event, UKnightedTuesday, and PSU Abington’s event, GivingTuesday, pool and award financial contributions to students who qualify for financial aid. 

Scholarship assistance reduces the barriers many students face when deciding whether to earn a degree. Both institutions have noted that the number of students requesting assistance has increased since the onset of the pandemic.

“Making a gift to the Abington General Scholarship Fund allows donors to contribute to a common fund from which substantial scholarships are awarded to academically strong students with financial need. Together, our gifts transform students’ lives,” said Karen Weiss Jones, director of development and alumni relations at Abington. 

UKnightedTuesday begins at 9:00am on Tuesday and ends at 3:53pm on Wednesday. GivingTuesday begins Monday at 6:55pm and runs until midnight on Tuesday.

To donate to UKnightedTuesday, you can click here. To donate to GivingTuesday, you can click here.