Arcadia Class Creates New Brewers

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An Associated Press story circulating the internet talks about what should be Arcadia University’s most popular course in its catalog: “Untapped: Exploring the Socio and Cultural World of Beer”.

Taught by assistant professor of criminal justice Favian Guertin-Martín, the class visits local breweries to show the process of beer making and to help students develop a finer appreciation for well-crafted ales. In the story, we find the class at the Crooked Eye Brewery in Hatboro, Pennsylvania.

Students started their brew day at Crooked Eye at about 9 a.m. on Saturday, April 6 (Capobianco’s birthday, incidentally), beginning with milling grain and separating hops into different batches to be added to the brew, known as “wort” to start, at various times throughout the process. Capobianco led the day’s events, guiding students through the brew, answering questions and offering encouragement to the reserved group.

“We’re making beer. This is fun,” Capobianco said at one point. “Don’t be shy.”

Class teaches students to appreciate beer — and brew it

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