Your Answers For Cheltenham Twp. Refuse/Recycle Collections

Refuse and Recycle collections are on the same scheduled days and must be placed at the curb by 7:00 a.m. If you are in an apartment /condo of a building with 3 units or more, please contact the owner of  the property to see about their private collection schedule.

No more than 6 (20 gallon) containers per pick up or 10 polyethylene bags of a maximum 30 lbs each. These bags can be purchased from the township.

The regular Cheltenham Township collection schedule of single dwellings, duplexes and triplexes is as follows;

“A” area below is the scheduled Monday collections as is the “B” area Tuesdays,,

The “C” area is collected on Wednesdays and “D” is Thursdays.


The collection schedule changes for holidays and is typically the following day. Below are the rescheduled collection days for the holidays through July.

Scheduled Day                           A                          B                          C                    D

Presidents Day                              Feb 20                Feb 21              Feb 22            Feb 23

Good Friday                                   normal schedule

Primary Election Day                  normal schedule

Memorial Day                               May 29               May 30              May 31           June 1

Flag day                                          normal               normal              normal            June 15

Independence Day                        normal              normal               July 5              July 6


IMPORTANT: Special, non combustibles collections can be picked up by appointment on most Fridays (except scheduled holidays), for a base fee of $25. Additional charges may include $3.50 for each large appliance.. You can call 215-635-4600 to schedule and they will let you know the next available  day for pickup.

There are many unacceptable materials for the township collections. The following items are not to be collected:

Motor vehicle parts, televisions, computer components,central air conditioning units, plumbing fixtures, toilet, sinks, tubs, boilers, heater units/radiators, gas or air tanks (fuel, oil, propane, acetylene, oxygen, etc.) video, pinball or vending machines, paint or paint remover, musical instruments and equipment, metal cabinets or drums boards, poles, planks, decking, fencing, etc., over 3 foot long or 4 inches in diameter any poisonous materials,compact flourescent lamps (cfls or spiral light bulbs) all materials resulting from demolition, excavation, construction, plastering, paperhanging, roofing or carpentry.


Cheltenham Township does not accept plastic bags. Plastic bags with a #2 or #4 can be recycled at the CHaRM (Center for Hard-to-Recycle Materials ) but only if they are clean, dry and empty. They may also be recycled at participating grocery stores. NO materials in plastic bags either. Workers have to slow the conveyor belts to rip open bags that contain recyclables and then add the bag to the heap of bags bound for the landfill. These inefficiencies waste time and money.

No shredded paper is accepted. It is too small and it destroys the potential for recycling. No Scrap metal is allowed. No hazardous waste such as pesticides,paint, and car batteries.

Please do not try to recycle bio-hazardous waste or diapers. All syringes, needles, diapers and other sanitary products are not recyclable. No non recyclable plastic is accepted ie. styrofoam.

Do not flatten cans or containers. The equipment used to sort is a single stream sorter which separates the “flats”paper and the “rounds” which are containers. If you flatten them they will get sent to the wrong area and won’t get recycled. Do not leave caps or lids on glass jars. If they are metal you can remove them to be recycled separately. Plastic lids and caps can not be recycled.

Make sure no liquids are left in the recyclable containers. Ceramics, china, dishes, mirrors, light bulbs,  glass from windows and porcelain, are all not accepted. The chemical composition will ruin the glass.

The plastic polymer spray on the frozen food boxes that keeps foods from getting freezer burn, can not be broken down and therefore is not recyclable.

For more information you may contact Cheltenham Township s here.