Ananda Integrative Healing Group in Jenkintown: Surrogate partner therapy ‘where the clothes come off (sometimes)’

Ananda Integrative Healing Group in Jenkintown was recently featured in an article by The New York Times titled “Therapy Where the Clothes Come Off (Sometimes)”.

The practice is run by Nicole Ananda, 48, a surrogate partner therapist and co-founder of the Surrogate Partner Collective. She and other in-house therapists and surrogate partners generally see clients who have experienced traumas, sexual abuse or who have certain kinds of disabilities.

Surrogate partner therapy has been around since the 1960s and is typically held in one- to two-hour weekly sessions. Most insurance providers do not cover the sessions which can range from $75 to $350 an hour.

Nicole Ananda

She told the Times that cultural stigmas surrounding sex, and by extension, her industry, can make it difficult to find work and housing. Ananda estimates that only a small fraction of surrogate partner therapy sessions involve sex acts.

For the full article, you can click here. For more on Ananda Integrative Healing Group, 405 Old York Road, you can visit their Facebook page and website. You can also check out their Youtube channel:

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Photos courtesy of Ananda Integrative Healing Group