Analyzing the Best Of vote with just three days left

We are almost down to the wire, folks. The Best of Glenside voting has gone hot and heavy, and some races are still too close to call. Here’s a few observations.

Not even close

In the Best Live Venue category, the fat lady is about to sing and can probably take a bow right now.

The leader in the Best Barber Shop category is giving a real buzz cut to the challengers. And the best outdoor festival leader it looks like it will parade right to the finish line without breaking much of a sweat.

Best breakfast leader will sop up its challengers like toast in the yolk of an egg over-easy. And the leader in the Best Happy Hour and Best Wings could probably just raise the victory flag right now.

In Best Craft Store, I hate to say it, but the local nominees look like they’re wrapped up in a national chain.

Too close to call

We still have close races in Best Bar Scene, Best Beer to Go, Best Brunch, Best New Business, Best Outdoor Dining, Best Ice Cream, Best Personal Training, and Best Chiropractor race is neck and neck.

We’re on pins and needles watching Best Acupuncturist race. Best Fitness Classes has shaped up as one tight race. In Best Contractor, the leader hasn’t nailed it yet, while the Best Plumber race leader had better open a spigot of support to ensure a win.

Best Real Estate right now is a tie, and in Best Tax Preparer, if the leader deducted just one vote, it’d also be in a tie.

Four days left, Glensiders and Jenkintonians. If you’ve voted once before last Wednesday, you can vote again! You can also change your vote at any time before the end.