Abington Township’s manager thanks its public works staff

Richard Manfredi, township manager for Abington Township, released the below letter thanking the public works staff for its work during the recent snowstorms.

We are nearing one year into the coronavirus pandemic, and every Township employee deserves and has my gratitude for what they do every day. The recent winter storms, which have dropped nearly 2.5 feet of snow since February 1 on Abington Township roadways, bring focus to the incredibly essential work the Abington Township Public Works Division is performing to keep the roads safe to travel by literally plowing the way for public safety.

The Public Works team plows and salts more than 200 miles of road surfaces, while being ever mindful that they must take every precaution to protect their and all families and loved ones from COVID-19. If these fine people and truly essential employees did not do their jobs, emergency services would come to a halt. The Police Department would be unable to reach a citizen in need; the Fire Department would not be able to respond to a fire emergency; EMS would not be able to quickly and safely transport a person having a health crisis to the hospital.

Highway and refuse workers provide services every day that improve the quality of life of every resident in every community they serve. Here in Abington, the logistical effort and personal sacrifice all Public Works
employees put forth to accomplish their everyday tasks safely and efficiently during a pandemic, such as leaf collection, refuse collection, and large item pick-up, deserves recognition and praise. Their working tirelessly for days during snow and ice events without seeking praise or recognition is beyond laudable.

Thank you to Michael Jones, Superintendent of Highways, for your leadership throughout the pandemic and the recent winter storms. Please join me in thanking all our Public Works employees for a job well done!

Richard J. Manfredi