Abington Township to add signage along several roadways

The Abington Township Board of Commissioners adopted Traffic Safety Ordinance No. 2211 in March.

The adoption will add signs to the following roadways:

  • A stop sign westbound and eastbound on Woodrow Avenue at the intersection of Tennis Avenue.
  • A stop sign westbound and eastbound on Rothley Avenue at Triebel Avenue.
  • A stop sign westbound on Fairacres Road at Washington Lane.
  • A stop sign northbound and southbound on Tennis Avenue at Jefferson Avenue.
  • No parking on the north side of Guernsey Avenue at Old York Road and the western driveway edge of 1151 Old York Rd.
  • No parking on Sherman Avenue, eastside at Rockledge Avenue, and point 150′ north.
  • Handicapped parking signs at 1119 Hall Avenue; Easton Road in front of Roslyn VFW.
  • Handicapped parking sign removed at 2123 Curtis Avenue.

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