Abington Senior High School Will Keep Its Name

The Abington Superintendent of Schools posted earlier today that Abington Senior High School will keep its name and not change it to Abington Schwarzman High School as announced earlier this week. The $25 million donor, Stephen Schwarzman, made a previous agreement with the school, that he will gift the funds, in exchange for the naming rights of the school. This caused a bit of outrage from the community especially because they were never informed that this was part of the deal.

Amy F. Sichel, Ph.D., the Superintendent of Schools personally reached out to Stephen Schwarzman’s representatives to address the recent concerns of the community and school families in regards to changing the high school’s name. The sole purpose of Schwarzman’s $25 million gift was to perform a massive renovation to his alma mater, Abington High School, with the intent to improve the all around experience for the Abington student and to prepare them for the future.

Schwarzman’s team then communicated with Sichel that they do no want to minimize this mission in anyway whatsoever and to therefore keep the name as is.