Abington Senior High School Will Change its Name To Abington Schwarzman High School

On Tuesday, the Abington School Board has agreed to change the name of Abington Senior High School to Abington Schwarzman High School. The school board voted unanimously to make this change in honor of the Blackstone CEO, Stephen Schwarzman, who made the $25 million donation back in February.

In the agenda for the School Board Meeting on March 27th, it indicates that Schwarzman agreed to the donation in exchange for naming rights, yet when the news hit the town about Schwarzman donating the $25 million back in February of 2018, naming rights were never mentioned.  At that time, the press release indicated that he was making the donation to not only renovate his alma mater but to increase awareness of the importance of donating to the future of public schools.

Many Abington residents and parents were reacting to the announcement of the new name. One particular individual posted on Facebook,  “While you were going about your normal Tuesday evening, the naming rights to the Abington High School were approved to be sold to Stephen Schwarzman.” 

The School board will not be publicly posting the details of the renaming agreement  between the grantor Stephen Schwarzman and the school district. You do have the opportunity to fill out a Right-to-Know Form and can submit it to Chris Lionetti by clicking here.